A Nature-Inspired Strategy for Customer Acquisition

Human rhinovirus Wellcome Images.

Understanding society in the fauces of death

Predictions based on the Black Death

What happens before growth?

8 Lessons Science can teach us about business growth

CopyAI’s meteoric MRR growth

It led me to meditate about growth. In particular, how does growth happen in nature?

Another stripe to the SecDevOps tiger.

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Those more than 5 million future jobs will be filled by high-driven individuals looking for a $99,730 yearly median-salary, in the US. [1][3]

  • Work for a socially responsible organization: Companies that invest resources in cybersecurity are, potentially, better intentioned in protecting their customer’s…

A practical guide to improving Software Consultancy

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1. Introduction

Behind the scenes of a continual-improvement AI model

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The path to chronic disease prevention starts with the right financial incentives.

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And Seven Startup Ideas to get you started!

The right green dot represents the word “woman” and the purple dots represent the top 100 paying jobs. Only 32 of those jobs are closer to “woman” than “man.” Source: borgez.ml

An introduction to the AI that powers language understanding

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Using TensorflowJS, TypeScript, ReactJS & MongoDB

Flow Diagram of a Serverless Recommendation Engine.

Santiago M. Quintero

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer & Writer specialized in building ideas to test Product Market Fit and NLP-AI user-facing applications.

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