A Create-React-App on Steroids Manifesto

Ain’t you bored, of going through the same process every time? Install dependencies: router, a UI-framework, Axios. Configure theDatabase. Set up CRUD requests, develop a couple of forms, some tables, work on the design, authentication, roles, profile view, etc. Only then start doing project-specific code (if any).

Are the things you are focusing your energy really improving your bottom-line?

With Data Science, Augmented Reality, Blockchain and many other technologies emerging, wouldn’t you like to automatize, some of the repetitive tasks and start exploring these amazing technologies?

Who would this be for?

1. Business Owners: who want to experiment with improving a process without assigning costly resources to software development.

2. Entrepreneurs: that would like to test the product-market fit of an idea without Angel Investment.

3. Software Developers: that do not want to spend hours, doing the same repetitive stuff.

Why would this help them?

The Pareto principle states that: roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Pyro automatizes the boring, mundane, details of starting a new Software project that targets the space of applications connected to a Database. It is a great way to explore new ideas, and build analytical data pipelines where they do not exist.

Some Examples:

1. You are a small business owner, running your inventory in Excel, however, you would like to have a history of updates and permissions on particular fields. To have some off-the-shelf metrics and graphs would be great, and finally, you could supervise it easily from your mobile.

2. Or you are an entrepreneur with the next “Uber” like platform.

After moving to a new city you realized you didn’t know any professional service providers. And you have a grand idea: Need a doctor, book it from your app…

need a specialist? dentistry, a lawyer, an accountant, a plumber, laundry service? all are available to you at only one distance click. You will provide the reviews, the location, and their availability but you only have one problem: what industry should I start? Well easy: prototype it with Pyros and once you find the winner build your app around it.

3. Or as a Software Contractor that wants to distinguish and provide the most cost-benefit ratio for your customers. You feel so limited with CMS and similar platforms, you want the code, Wouldn’t it be great that after the configuration of your project, you download the source code and get development started? Even better, during development you could run commands to create templates for common requests as for example, adding a new model to your project, or plotting the data, all through a library-agnostic approach, and a pretty neat multi-flavored GIT config.

Call to Action:

Let me know your thoughts, what would you build with it? what is the 80 in your 80/20 work? can you imagine yourself launching a start-up in an afternoon?

Thanks for reading!

Santiago M.



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Santiago M. Quintero

Santiago M. Quintero

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer & Writer specialized in building ideas to test Product Market Fit and NLP-AI user-facing applications.